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The Carnivore Cast is a podcast focused on the carnivore diet and lifestyle with practical advice from successful carnivores, citizen scientists, and top researchers answering your burning questions and meaty topics. 

Apr 29, 2024

Baidi Farl (@bodyfarl) is a national-level NPC super heavyweight bodybuilder. He’s also the host of what in my humble opinion is the best bodybuilding podcast out there - Fit Nation Podcast with lots of famous and goofy bodybuilders - check it out if you haven’t! Baidi has been competing in bodybuilding for over a...

Apr 24, 2024

Robin Strand (@strandstrong) is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder from Canada. He also holds a BSc. Kinesiology, is an online coach and trainer at Pure Muscle and Fitness in Toronto. Robin also hosts the amazing Canadian Beef Podcast on YouTube with Kurt Havens and several IFBB pros.

Apr 19, 2024

Nicholas “The Statue '' Weir (@nicholasjohnweir on Instagram) is a bodybuilder and high-level coach. He’s been bodybuilding and coaching bodybuilders and lifestyle clients for over a decade and is incredibly knowledgeable on training, diet, and performance-enhancing drugs. Nick is a regular on Paul Barnett’s...

Apr 17, 2024

Today’s guest is Sally Norton, MPH - an expert on oxalates, Ivy-league Nutritionist & Author of the book, Toxic Superfoods: How Oxalate Overload is Making You Sick-and How to Get Better. Sally has a degree in nutrition from Cornell University and a Masters of Public Health from the University of North Carolina. She...

Apr 10, 2024

Paul Barnett (@paulkbarnett)

  • A ~260 lb Master’s bodybuilding competitor at the ripe age of 50
  • Made a commitment to transforming a dad-bod into a champion bodybuilder. Developed a system for accelerating fat loss and maximizing muscle gain through hacking hormone optimization, carb-cycling, and specialized...