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The Carnivore Cast is a podcast focused on the carnivore diet and lifestyle with practical advice from successful carnivores, citizen scientists, and top researchers answering your burning questions and meaty topics. 

Nov 15, 2018

In this solocast, I answer a wide variety of listener questions about a carnivore / ketogenic diet including how to cut weightcounting calories, sports adaptation, best food choices, nutrients, and more! Let me know what you think and if you'd like more Q&As or solocasts in the future.

Question I answered:

  • What are the best cuts of meat for carnivore on a budget?
  • What health problems may arise from non-beef animal foods (e.g., eggs, dairy)?
  • Best carnivore snacks
  • How much meat to eat for weight loss? How to approach weight loss?
  • When to track calories on carnivore?
  • What to drink on carnivore?
  • How to get iodine on carnivore and how did people get it in prehistoric times?
  • What are vitamin C requirements on carnivore?
  • Why are our teeth flat compared to other carnivores?
  • Are Blue Zones an argument against carnivore?
  • What should I do about candida overgrowth?


What questions would you like answered or who would you like to hear from in the carnivore or research community?

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