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The Carnivore Cast is a podcast focused on the carnivore diet and lifestyle with practical advice from successful carnivores, citizen scientists, and top researchers answering your burning questions and meaty topics. 

Jan 25, 2022

Vanessa Spina (@ketogenicgirl) is the host of, a popular website loaded with ketogenic resources. Vanessa is returning the podcast for the third time today after her first episode where we discussed what inspired her and why she started Ketogenic Girl, her thoughts on restriction vs. food freedom, fasting, and more! In the second episode we talked about metabolism, cico, chronic dieting, and more. Check out those two episodes if you missed them the first time (HERE and HERE). She also hosts her own podcast, "Fast Keto” and more recently rebranded to the Optimal Protein Podcast where she interviews doctors, researchers, and keto success stories. Vanessa has helped hundreds of people lose weight and regain health through her 28-day challenges and keto meal plans. Finally, she recently had a beautiful baby boy, Luca, and launched the Tone device - is she a superwoman or what?


Vanessa makes tons of helpful, evidence-based content that she shares for free across her YouTube, Instagram, and podcasts, and shares rational perspectives about diets, mindset, body composition, and practical tips as well.


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