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The Carnivore Cast is a podcast focused on the carnivore diet and lifestyle with practical advice from successful carnivores, citizen scientists, and top researchers answering your burning questions and meaty topics. 

Jul 25, 2019

Dr. Stephen Hussey (@drstephenhussey) is a researcher and Functional Medicine practitioner using a carnivore diet to manage his Type 1 Diabetes. Dr. Hussey is the author of the Resource Your Health website and has done deep research on the root causes of cardiovascular disease and how we can prevent them with a carnivore diet. He helps people create high performing hearts and an animal based diet is one aspect of that. Dr. Hussey is the author of two books: The Heart Evolution and The Heart: Our Most Medically Misunderstood Organ.


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Dr. Stephen Hussey and I discuss:

  • The major factors that cause heart disease
  • Cholesterol and heart disease
  • Statins
  • How animal-based diets help prevent heart attacks and improve heart health
  • How our hearts use fat for fuel
  • How he manages his Type 1 Diabetes through Carnivore
  • Links between the heart, the vagus nerve, and plant toxins
  • And much more!

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